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Angelo Paolillo

Founder, CEO
Angelo started his career with IBM Business Partners, then IBM, before moving to Google European Headquarters where he spent 7 years working with consulting, digital marketing, data analysis, developing web tools and designing/managing global educational programs.

Stuart King

Head of Finance, Secretary
A British Chartered Certified Accountant, Stuart is Cleerup’s Company Secretary and Head of Finance. Stuart is an international financial services professional gaining his experience in world class regulated firms. Stuart is dedicated to support all Cleerup’s financial planning and operational needs to achieve its great ambitions.

Mario Ferraro

Description coming soon

David Angell

Digital Advertising Specialist
David has been working in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and generally with Online Advertising since 2004. A former Google employee and award-winning AdWords Optimizer at Google EU HQ, he has been successfully consulting businesses of all sizes. David has also been Digital Analytics and Communications Consultant for the former UK Deputy Prime Minister, the British Medical Association, and a number of other organizations.

Ben Stockman

Web and Digital Consultant
Ben is an award-winning web and digital consultant running multiple campaigns and events for global clients, and project-managing multiple award-winning Rabbit agency. His campaigns have been winning awards such as PRCA’s “Best Campaign” award for AVG’s Digital Diaries series. Ben is also specialized in education, training different organizations on digital strategies, including AVG, contributing to win the Agency of The Year Award 2012.

Leonardo Giorgi

International Digital Advertising Strategist
Leonardo has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. He has designed and optimized international campaigns in Google’s EU Headquarters before moving to work with creative agencies and managing accounts for both small/medium and large clients from various industries. Leonardo speaks multiple languages, is an expert and careful consultant, and is specialized in expanding on international markets, running global campaigns, and supporting exporting businesses looking to find and tackle new markets.

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Time is precious

We know time is precious, so we are fast in advising you and delivering our services, building ad-hoc project team and choosing vendors for you so even the most complex projects can be achieved at speed!

Innovation is key

We help you think in an innovative way, using all of our expertise and knowledge to apply innovative and efficient processes, act smartly, think outside of the box using the latest technologies, or why not, developing new.

Digital is everywhere

We work remotely and on site, taking advantage of all digital opportunities to deliver digital opportunities. You will find us flexibly working from everywhere with our laptops, transforming your business agility.

Talk talk talk

We like getting things done and not wasting time to talk about it.. but to get things properly done, talking is key. We put a lot of effort in clear and effective communication, and dialogue with our clients, so we can understand your business and dreams, and take you by hand through the Wonderland of Digital to the road of success.

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